As a founding member of the TVET Coalition in Sierra Leone, the Agency has been participating in their monthly meetings. The TVET Coalition is made up of key MDAs, development partners, civil society organizations and the private sector. The main objective of the coalition is to help address issues affecting the development of technical education in the country

The TVET Coalition is formed by Governmental Institutes, International Bodies, Companies, Private Sector, Donors and (I) NGOs. All directly or indirectly involved with the private sector of Sierra Leone, its youth, TVET, or having an umbrella function with respect to the Sierra Leone technical workforce development. All supporting the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education and other governmental institutes in delivering their mandate on TVET. The main objectives of this Directorate are thus:

  • To develop the human and institutional capacity of Sierra Leoneans in line with the New Direction Agenda.
  • To ensure transfer of knowledge, skills and technology from foreign firms to Sierra Leoneans
  • To promote employment of Sierra Leonean citizen through participation in private sector