Procurement is the overall process of acquiring goods, works and services including all functions from the identification of needs, selection and solicitation of sources for the Agency, preparation and award of contract and all phases of the contract administration or the useful life of the asset.

The Multinational companies the Agency is closely working with should do their procurements through the local procurement vendors in the country so as to allow our local vendors benefit from the supply chain. Only when the local vendors do not have the capacity, then they can source external vendors for services.

Section 42, sub-section 2 of our Act stipulates that an operators and contractors shall consider Sierra Leone local content when evaluating any tender where the tenders are within five percent of each other at the commercial stage and the tender containing the highest level of Sierra Leone local content shall be selected provided the Sierra Leonean content in the selected tender is at least five percent higher than its closest competitor.

Below are the stages of public procurement processes and procedures as recommended by the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) that the Agency follows in all procurement processes:

1. Qualification of bidders

2. Clarification and modification of bidding and prequalification documents

3. Rules for description of goods, works and services

4. Deadline for bids and other applications

5. Cancellation of processes for rejection of all bids

6. Public notice of contract awards

7. Debriefing of unsuccessful bidders

8. Forms of communication

9. Procurement planning

10. Contract administration responsibility

11. Price adjustment

12. Records and reports of procurement processes

13. Conduct of public officials

14. Conduct of bidders and suppliers

15. Debarment of bidders and suppliers

16. Margin of preference.