Over the past three years, the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency has developed a comprehensive data base on local suppliers across all sectors in the national economy; ranging from agribusiness, arts and craft, manufacturing, mining, clothing and textiles, services and cosmetics, to name but a few. Since 2018, the Agency has registered over 300 local businesses and these businesses have benefited from the various intervention efforts of the Agency including creating market linkages, organizing skills enhancement trainings, trade fair and exhibition.

The Sierra Leone Local Content Agency has a WhatsApp forum for all local businesses registered with it across all sectors in the local supply chain. Business discussions on the WhatsApp forum yield fruits including relevant information sharing for business linkages with multinational companies, resulting in business growth as well as enhanced up take of local products and services and improvement of the local market space. Through the regular skills enhancement training programs and readily available data on local businesses, the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency supports prepare local entrepreneurs across sectors for effective competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally.