Over the years, Sierra Leonean job seekers and/employees have been subjected to discriminatory and sometimes sub-human treatment in the hands of employers because of the lack of demand-driven employment skills. They have been limited to only middle-level and un-skilled positions in multi-national companies. The companies will always claim that Sierra Leoneans do not have the required skills and knowledge to serve certain key positions within the establishments and thus always bring foreigners to occupy those posts.

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As a way of addressing this phenomenon, the agency has created a critical skills-databasethatkeeps records of persons with critical skills. This database is to help employment agencies and/multi-national companies to easily identify Sierra Leoneans with some of the skills and/qualifications they seek for certain positions. Upon arrival to commence operations in the country, the Local Content Agency will provide the companies with the data so that they refer to it whenever they cannot find the right people for some key positions and/roles.