(1) The Agency shall set up a consultative body to be known as the Sierra Leone Local Content Consultative Forum which shall provide a platform for information sharing and collaboration in the sectors covered by this Act with respect to –

(a) upcoming projects in the sectors;

(b) information on available local capabilities; and

(c) other policy proposals that may be relevant to Sierra Leonean content development.

(2) The Sierra Leone Local Content Consultative Forum shall be made up of key industry stakeholders, government and regulatory agencies, chambers of commerce, professional associations and representatives from the following sectors –

(a) fabrication;

(b) engineering;

(c) financial services;

(d) legal services;

(e) insurance;

(f) shipping and logistics;

(g) materials and manufacturing;

(h) information and communication technology;

(i) mining;

(j) petroleum;

(k) agriculture and agri-business;

(l) hotel and tourism;

(m) construction and public works;

(n) education and training and; (o) any other professional services nominated by the Agency